We have 7 beautiful Russian Females total.

Duchess is our sweet Black & Tan Dapple female, weighing 11 pounds. She was our very first dachshund who holds a special spot near to our hearts.

Lady is our Russian Red Female. She as well as Duchess come from a line of champion Pedigrees. Her coat once it comes in will be phenomenal. She definitely knows how pretty she is. We hope you enjoy looking at her as much as we do.

Queen is our gorgeous Chocolate Dapple female. She is all around the most playful & eager to please. She is our uniquely marked Chocolate Dapple. Her coat is coming in outstanding, she is the view of perfection.

Princess is a beautiful chocolate & cream dapple. She is the daughter of Duke & Duchess. She is a very tiny girl weighing 6 pounds. Her coat is coming in very nicely expecting her to follow like her dad, Duke.

Kate is a chocolate & tan. She is also the daughter of Duchess, but the dad is King. She is extremely fluffy, & will get photographed as she matures well over one year old.

Cleigha is a Red Dapple. Dapples especially on creams & reds tend to not be visible as they mature but you can see her dapple black markings alittle on her sides, then her ears carry blonde/brown/black markings as well. She is a straight champion holder & we love her to death.
her name is short for Cleopatra!

Misstress is a Piebald girl. She is currently waiting to get her picture done. She is red/white & will be an amazing addition to my program.