Puppy Health Guarantee

Puppy Health Guarantee

***Each puppy sold will come with a 1 year LIMITED HEALTH GUARANTEE.

Our limited 1 year health guarantee is responsible only for the puppy described in this agreement. It is strictly between the seller and the buyer and is non-transferable in whole or part. We certify the sale of this puppy, by providing this health guarantee with signatures present from both parties.

This guarantee also clarifies that this dog will not be purchased for resale purposes. This puppy is sold as a companion only, with limited AKC registration offered. Limited AKC Registration papers will be forwarded/mailed/or given to the buyer after receiving a copy of the puppies spay/or neuter certificate. Our health guarantee assures that the puppy you are purchasing is guaranteed to be in good health upon the time of the sale. The puppy is guaranteed to be free of any genetic and/or disease that could be life threatening. The breeder does NOT cover the guarantee from internal or external parasites or viruses.

To activate your health guarantee, it is required that the buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 3 business days from the date of sale or delivery of the puppy. The seller must be notified if the examination shows the health of the puppy to be compromised within the time allowed OR there will be no health guarantee on the sellers part. A copy of written letter with signature from the vet with full description of the illness will be required, if the vet check shows any problems. If, in the event the puppy is showed to have compromised health issues, it must be returned to the breeder to be replaced with a puppy of equal value of same gender, color, and pattern if/when one is available.

***If in the event that the death of the puppy arises on the buyers time a necropsy must be performed at this time which would show the cause of death, Duke & Duchess Dachshunds LLC will NOT be held responsible.

***Please note we do not offer cash refunds, as stated above a replacement puppy will be made if/when available.
Also we DO NOT guarantee the size, color, coat length, eye color, weight, or temperament at the time of purchase or as an adult.

Seller guarantees that all age appropriate shots and dewormers have been given to the puppy. A health record of this information will be supplied at the time of sale.However, it is extremely important to keep in mind that puppies are not fully immune to their surroundings. The seller recommends that the buyer DOES NOT take the puppy any places where any sick dogs may have been, such as; dog parks, pet stores or public places where the puppy will be placed on the ground.

At six weeks of age your puppy will be receiving their first round of vaccinations, and the dewormer will begin at this age as well.

    All of our puppies are sold as pets only, we do not offer any type of breeding rights. We require that the puppy be spayed/neutered within 6 months of age. After doing so, the AKC papers will be supplied once we receive proof that your dachshund has been spayed/neutered.

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