We do offer shipping on our puppies once they are 8 weeks of age. We do reserve the right to delay any shipping because of weather and/or temperature extremes.

Our goal is to make shipping arrangements as easy as possible for both the buyer and the puppy, we want the most comfortable accommodations for the puppy, and the shortest traveling time.

To allow this we HIGHLY recommend ground or air transport with a personal transporter. We do not recommend for the puppy to fly alone on the cargo. By doing this helps the puppy to keep minimal stress levels while awaiting to meet his/her new owner. It is important to take into consideration that even though the puppy will be traveling in a controlled environment with food and water provided, the entire shipping process can still stress them out. So please be prepared when you pick your puppy up from the airport. Bring with you a towel/or blanket, potty pad, and a warm heart to meet your new fur baby!

***we do work with our own transportation companies who we will go through.