Testimonials & Reviews

Testimonials & Reviews

Happy Customers Going Home

Natalie W.

"Alexi is extremely professional and informative! After years of searching, I finally found the Dachshund look that I was wanting with this breeder. She has gone above and beyond in giving me pictures, videos, etc to make sure I picked the right puppy for my family. I cannot recommend them enough!"

-Natalie W.

Stephanie P.

"I just opened up the puppy box that was sent.&&& Omg it's soo adorable and truly helpful! I ended up zoom calling some family members to "open" it with me. I have to say this whole experience from the website being easy to navigate, the fast and constant communication, and now getting helpful tips and treats, has been so much fun and all soo organized. All these steps leading to the moment that I really can't wait to experience, the moment I get to meet baby Diego."

-Stephanie P.

Sonia S.

"I have searched very hard for a breeder I could trust! I was extremely impressed with the communication. I was given all information involving shots, food, family history and even video updates. Alexi was always quick to answer any questions. I will recommend her to everyone! She honestly made the process so easy!"

-Sonia S.

Katie A.

"When my Husband and I decided to get our boys a puppy, we knew we wanted to go through a reputable breeder. There are so many scams on the internet so I searched for weeks until I found Duchess and Duke Dachshunds. Once I spoke to Alexi I knew they were the perfect people to work with. Alexi has been AMAZING with updating photos, videos of our little guy and talking me through the entire process. Once he finally arrived he was better than we could have ever imagined. You can tell by his demeanor, habits that they really take care of their puppies and they are most certainly loved. I cannot recommend them enough! I already can’t wait to get another pup from them!"

-Katie A.

Geary Keese

"We were hesitant about purchasing with all the scams going around. Then we ran across these folks... and we were so surprised!! These people were wonderful. They had great communication, friendly, knowledgeable... they were amazing! The little Doxie's we're so cute. Happy and Healthy!! They let us into their beautiful home. We chatted, got to meet the puppy parents, and it was wonderful. They let us ask questions, let us interact with the pups and everything. These folks are the real deal. I wasn't looking to spend this amount on a dog, but I took a chance, and haven't been happier. We walked away with a wonderful little black and tan not, and he's wonderful. I can't praise then enough. Worth every penny!!"

Zac Smith

"Wow thank you so much for sending me with stuff, that means the world! Thank you for batheing him! You have just gone above & beyond & have been such a pleasure to work with! The whole situation of getting my baby has been so pure."

Beth Stone

"She is doing great! Her little baggie with her blankie & toys, info sheets, etc. Y'all do a phenomenal job of doing it the right way & responsibly. She is adjusting well to being in her kennel at night. She's the best girl and is doing awesome going potty, playing & eating."

Kim Redman

"She is doing great! I just wanted to thank you again. She is so tiny & just so precious!! She hasn't had one single accident in the house, is the smartest little pup I've ever seen! My husband is smitten by her too. She is just a doll to us, so lovely.! I will be coming back to you again!"